7 Little students starting term two

Last Thursday, we started our second year of studying Chinese.
We, that is 6 fellow students and our teacher.

A class of 7, we were told, is only barely profitable. That’s why we are reaching out to former classmates, candidates from other cities to try and reach the 10 students mark.
As usual, this sort of after-hours education assembles an interesting diversity: day-time students who don’t seem to get enough of it, employees hoping to benefit their careers, a French-English teacher who, after studying Portuguese and Arabic, likes to take on another challenge,…
That’s bound to lead to some interesting conversations.

Our teacher is a native speaker.
Honestly, this is going to take some getting used to. She speaks Chinese in a, well, more Chinesian way than what I got used to last year. Fast, stacatto; I’ll need to focus.
But she’s the real deal.

And nothing ever beats the real deal, right?


2 Responses to 7 Little students starting term two

  1. marc says:

    Willy, (by the way, what’s your name in Chinese?),
    I humbly bow to pay my respect to your steadfastness (or is stubborness?)!

    • 我 叫 威利。

      Or ‘wei li’.
      威 = wei, meaning ‘power; might; prestige’
      利 = li, meaning ‘advantage; benefit; profit; sharp’

      Chinese names don’t go well with modesty.

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