I’ve always been fond of reading ( check out my books on Goodreads ). Hence, I’m more than a little eager to improve my Chinese reading skills. The texts we study during class are what they’re supposed to be: instructional. But hardly a lot fun.

Last week’s lesson, we got an introduction to the story of LiangZhu.
That’s when the idea came up to check whether there’s some free stuff out there for me to read.

Very courageously, I dived into the world wide waters to find myself some thrilling, funny, beautifully crafted Chinese literature.
And found plenty. After a quick look, I agreed it was not exactly second-year material.

Not discouraged whatsoever, I googled for ‘simple Chinese texts’. 34.700.000 results is bound to deliver something useful.
Hit number 5, ‘Chinese Text Sampler‘, promises modern literature, classic literature, and much, much more. If need be, I’d resort to their Chinese Fables, Parables, and Children’s Stories.
Which is exactly where I ended up 2 minutes later.

The Boatman’s Sword“, the first one in the list.
Opening up.
3 lines of text, not too much. That’s a good start.
After a closer look, I do know some characters in there. Hec, I even recognize chunks of text – still no clue what the story is about, though.

It left me with mixed emotions.
I found my beautifully crafted, funny thrill allright.
But I learned that children’s stories is the level I’m still on today.

Patience is what I’ll need.


One Response to Patience

  1. marc says:

    Perhaps it’s better to start with the (I guess) awful amount of Chinese sayings about “patience”. Don’t let it discourage you!

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