About a trade mission and a new book

I believe that learning a language should involve showing some interest in the country as well.

On that account, the following caught my attention last week.

The Belgian trade mission to China, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Belgian-Chinese diplomatic relationships, was hard to miss.
‘De Tijd’ – a Flemish financial newspaper – spent a fair amount of ink covering the event.
A noteworthy edition was the October 25th ( which I missed, unfortunately ) having its articles in both Dutch and Chinese.
“A lot of interesting contacts” was its optimistic conclusion. Considering the importance of the ‘guanxi’ – the Chinese social network – this may indeed lead to more business. At these moments, having royal material at hand is an advantage since Belgium crown-prince Filip lead the trade delegation and – not for the first time – opened many a Guanxi for interested investors.
Corporate Belgium must have been thrilled to find that Belgium is still a monarchy.

Another one, was the publication of a Deng Xiaoping biography “Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China” ( check out in GoodReads ). This book covers the transition from the Mao era into the current communist/capitalist ‘situation’. The Economist – which publishes on China often – reviewed the book ( here and here ) and is generally positive about it.
I added it to my list of desired reading ( for which I will plea an extended lifetime at the Gate ).


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