Back in time

Last week, I felt sixteen-ish again.
People my age usually present this as a joyous feat, having to do with regained sportive capabilities, falling in love again or other delusions.

Were it not for the unmistakable signs of anxiety: shaky hand, fading confidence in surviving the next 45 minutes.
Precisely how we all felt after “Take a piece of paper. Name and date in the right-hand, upper corner, double underline. Question one”, many decades ago.

Question one, listening exercise and answering questions. Dread.
Deep breath, here we go.
Chinese people do speak too fast, someone should tell these folks to slow down.

Question two, reading texts and answering questions.
No problemo.

Question three, writing.
Three pages. We’re running out of time Jack. Familiar feeling.

Done. Relief.

Animated discussions during the break.
The others probably did not do a much better job than I did. Just like the old days.

Sweet sixteen? No thank you.


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