Uncelebrated anniversaries

These days, the 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China is remembered.
Remembered, not celebrated. Because ‘overthrowing a Chinese emperor’ and ‘founding a new republic’ may not be entirely identical to contemporary Chinese.

I do think that the preceding events are highly relevant to us in our dealings with the country.
Google for ‘boxer uprising” and “opium wars” to find a typical colonial relationship between China and some western countries.
Now, colonialism is not known to have evolved into cheerful friendships. Then, imagine the former colony to be equipped with an excellent memory and having acquired superior economic capabilities, just to sketch the balance shift.

Fast forward to December 11th, 2011.
Another anniversary which may well go uncelebrated, is China’s re-entrance to the WTO – see The Economist for an interesting article.
Its westernisation, much hoped for back in 2001 ( if not taken for granted ), has not materialized; let alone its acceptance of western priorities as was attempted more than a century ago.

Even if celebrations are felt inappropriate, their history is best well-remembered.


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