Carnage and mayhem

Two weeks ago our teacher volunteered to review texts we would write to practice character writing.
Since I could find no more joy in going through my ever-growing list of words, I took this opportunity gladly.

My first text – half a page on a friend’s shopping adventures – doubled to a full one the second week. Next class, I’ll have to hand in a description of my past week’s agenda; bound to exceed 3 pages.
Someone may come to regret her generosity.

How I mistook that generosity for leniency.
She retaliated my paper bombardment with that sublime weapon only teachers wield so effectively: the Red Ballpoint.
From it does not flow the gentle correction of a mentor; it’s arterial blood spoiled without mercy.

Thus I found my friend’s day out ending in carnage and mayhem. The text returned as a battlefield of blood-red streaks like skirmishes between my characters and her judgement.

I lost this battle, but I will win the war.


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