The Dip

There are interesting differences in the appreciation of time among various cultures and beliefs.
Christianity upholds linearity, time flows from a start to an end. To which, is subject of contention.
More recently, Science has linked time to matter and gravity.
I’d like to put forward the hypothesis that, occasionally, matter erupts bubbles of increased gravity, in which time flows slower.
This phenomenon, I’d like to name ‘Dip’.
Moreover, some time-places seem more prone to Dips than others.
A testimony.
Thursday evening, 9 PM, Chinese class
I clearly feel an increased pull at my eyelids – surely a sensitive spot when it comes to gravity, you’ll agree to that. At the same time, I feel my personal time slowing down.
How long this lasts, I cannot tell.
Then, a shudder pops me back into the reality I shared with my class before. The world has moved on, so has the exercise of which I now have missed the clue.
Meanwhile, blushing and checking for reproachfull glances, I see the dip-bubble has moved in my neighbour’s direction. I can see her fighting the same phenomenon I just did; equally successful.
In a minute, we’ll exchange the results of exercises.
Still a win-win situation after all.

One Response to The Dip

  1. Allen Capoferri says:

    I’ve noticed this phenomenon as well although was never quite certain how to put it in to words. I believe you’ve done so very eloquently.

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