On cats and tough goings; and how the former has little to do with studying Chinese

Cats are lucky beasts. They live their nine lives sequentially. Purring along in their merry, feline ways.
We, modern rat-racers, live them all at once. With painfully predictable consequences. No purring here.

As anyone who has piled study on top of professional and personal life can testify, there are times when the going gets particularly tough.
Even though my evening courses are hardly at Ph.D. levels, it hit me nevertheless. 2 Weeks ago. Realization came only later.

Procrastination rarely comes so intuitive as in taking stock of an uncomfortable situation.
Let’s have no more of that, here’s raw reality:

  • A pile of homework and a backlog in studying characters for my Chinese class
  • Looming deadlines at work
  • Unmentionable expectations from the family front ( yes dear, finishing the attic floor is one of them )
  • On doctor’s advice: work-out, sleep regularly, watch that diet; but do relax a little
  • Write this blog-post

Why don’t I start with the least important one, writing this post.
No offence.


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