Studying Chinese in times of illness

It would be nice, while lying sick in bed, I could study my latest Chinese vocabulary. Making mental notes along the way to look up missing words later.
Writing characters with my mind’s eye, stroke after stroke ( all virtual, of course ).
Occasionally even babbling some hard to pronounce words, like 睡觉 ( ‘to sleep’ – yes, for a little longer ), or 起床 ( ‘to get up’ – let me be, I’m busy dying ).
I might still come prepared at tomorrow’s class.

An additional advantage is that it takes away the attention from the sore throat, the heaving lungs, and aching back.
Are we our body, or do we have one ?
Abstracting away the headache is little more demanding.
Are we our mind, or do we have one ?

It’s the utilitarian viewpoint innate to most of us Westerners: value is derived from usefulness. Even while the body is healing, the mind is not excused of not making itself useful.
Hail to Saint John.

This week, my body and mind are united in illness; and not of the utilitarian belief.
So I yield and let the Chinese for what they are.


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