With less than 20 pages to go, we indeed were getting dangerously close to the end of our textbook.
But the epiphany only came after the break of last week’s session, when the teacher announced the exams: ‘We’re in the final lap of this academy year’.

But first, the exams: June 14th and 21st.

In this situations, management literature calls for a solid risk analysis.
I’ll leave the SWOT’s aside for a moment and see where a simple thing can take us:

Risk Probability Impact Mitigation
Unable to understand audio
Not able to answer questions on taped texts
High Medium I got additional listening exercises.

Listen to texts while in traffic jams ( be careful not to cause any )

Making writing mistakes
Low High Keep writing texts

Repeat words of previous lessons

Unable to remember certain words
Low High Repeat words of previous lessons
Make sentence construction mistakes
Low Low Keep writing texts
Read the tones incorrectly
Unable to recognize some words
High Medium Pick up reading to my computer again
( still need to figure out how to post voice clips )

Let’s get to it.

June 27 will tell whether this has been a fruitful year.


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