Chinese friend eating a cheese-sandwich

The other day, a new project had me working from another floor than my usual desk is on.
I regularly want to stretch my legs, so I went for a stroll up and down that unfamiliar aisle. That’s when I saw a former colleague in his office. We both go way back in this company of ours, memory lane is an interstate highway.

He must have been reading my blog, because we came to talk about my Chinese language study.
At which he pointed to the desk next to him – empty at that time.
His neighbour is a Chinese who came to Belgium years ago. And is studying Dutch.

Now there’s opportunity.

Which we took.
We had lunch together in our cantina – his looking very Belgian already: cheese-sandwich. Don’t need no integration-flyers here, sir
He spoke Dutch, I spoke Chinese. Well, we ended up explaining a lot in English.
I’m sure it will get better. We agreed to meet weekly for lunch.

More instalments to be expected.


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