I’m in Vienna this week.
Ahmazing place, Europe’s riches lived/lives here. No doubt.
There seems to be no Chinatown in Vienna, although there’s plenty of nationalities here, including East-Asian.

Still, I wanted to have a Chinese touch to my trip.
So I ended up in ‘Asiam (sic) Restaurant Running sushi & wok’ ( bonus card gives you a free 11th lunch, drinks not included ).
I was able to place my order in Chinese, which makes me a little proud. Admittedly, a bit of pointing to the menu helped deciding which duck-dish I actually meant.
Paying was a little harder. Although I know how to ask for the bill, my pronunciation was not good enough.
Better next time.

By the way, QingDao is not my favourite beer.

Note to myself: There’s a market near the Kettenbruckengasse ( line U4 ), where supposedly Chinese set up shop. Remember to go there next time.


2 Responses to Bonuskarte

  1. Allen Capoferri says:

    Sounds fun!

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