Today is E-day, Examination Day.

Forget about the 136 words.
I’ve prioritized them – as any decent project manager would in times of, well, hardship – to 16 must-know’s.
That’s doable.

This is the menu tonight:
Listening ( 20% of points ) – and not my favorite

  • Answering questions about the text
  • Assessing statements about the text with True or False ( statistically, I should get 50% on this )
  • Add missing words

Reading ( 40% of points )

  • Answering multiple choice questions ( statistics on my side again )
  • Add the correct words in sentences
  • Modifying sentences from affirmative to negative and vice versa
  • Construct sentences with with auxiliary verbs like ‘should’, ‘must’, and all that fun stuff
  • Grammar: right or wrong + correct the sentence if wrong
  • Writing questions ( you have no idea in how many ways Chinese can ask questions )
  • Understand a text

Writing ( 20% of points )

  • Translate a text
  • Write a text on a given subject

Next week, we’ll have an oral exam ( is that the right word ? ) ( 20% of points )

Wish me luck


One Response to E-Day

  1. Marc says:

    Well, how did it go?


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