Ambivalent sentiments

Today’s newspaper splendidly summarized the ambivalence of (Western) sentiments towards China in two articles.

The first one announced that the Belgian diplomacy ranks China on top of its economic priorities list; notably above our neighbouring countries.
At the same time though, another article told how Belgian companies fell victim to a Chinese phishing case and lost a substantial amount of money.

As the first is materializing, I hope that its web-site gets an update. At this moment, articles on China are few and far between.
As for the second, the Delcredere service – a credit insurer for foreign commercial transactions, affiliated to the Belgian diplomatic service – rates China’s political and commercial risk as ‘low’ and ‘high’ respectively. I’m curious to see how Belgian diplomacy thinks to have an influence on that.
Perhaps here’s start: advertising an average annual GDP growth of 10,4 % in 2010 may require some re-alignment with stated priorities. Patrick Chovanec’s blog-post ‘China’s Quality of GDP‘ is very instructive in this regard.


One Response to Ambivalent sentiments

  1. Allen Capoferri says:

    Sadly and of course not surprising this often happens here.

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