Wei Qi versus Chess

There’s an excellent section on the comparison of wei qi and chess in a book I’m reading ( On China, by Henry Kissinger ).

Look for ‘wei qi’ in the book preview on Amazon; it’s on page 23. In short ( and I’m no specialist in either ), wei qi is about conquering territory, chess is about defeating an opponent – the other player’s king.
Wei qi aims at obtaining favourable positions on the board. Chess is about concentrating your attack at one point to force a break-through.

Kissinger’s comparison of both games is provided as an illustration of China’s foreign policy. In this case in the context of Mao Zedong’s first years in power. There’s reason to believe the philosophy is still in vogue. What to think about an article published in a Flemish paper today: China doubles its loans to Africa.


2 Responses to Wei Qi versus Chess

  1. more on the differences between chess and weiqi you find in my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYjX3zY5GCs . There’s more on the subject and more to come in my blog chinayinyang.wordpress.com. I’m learning much with your blog my friend, thank you for your posts and for following my blog.

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