Relentless teaching

I must have something Chinese-student-ish over me as the waiter nods to a door at the back of the cafe, right after I shut the front one after me. Myopic gazes trace my path as I make my way around poodles and push carts. The notebook under my arm must have given me away. Where the future is in short supply, notes aren’t worth taking.

The setting: a meeting room of an old café. Chinese people at every table, talking to blushing Westerners – feverish from concentration. Gestures meet frowns of incomprehension. Cold beer and hot tea. The tao of the student and the master is different indeed.

This China Corner is the latest initiative of our teacher.
Her students and native Chinese acquaintances get together every month to talk in Chinese. I pointed out earlier that listening to Chinese conversations is not my strongest point. So I take these opportunities wholeheartedly.
The beer is a bonus.


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