Uneventful progress

Studying Chinese is not a very eventful undertaking. News beyond the trivial is hard to come by.

Let’s say, I’ve just listened to a Chinese text. Once, twice , thrice, fource, fice… Until I got, ehm, all emotional.
How about I’d confess stealing time at work to practice on the flash-cards. During lunch-break that is, work mustn’t get any crazier as it is already.
Maybe I’ll describe, stream-of-consciousness-style, my reaction to my weekly masterpiece handed back to me, trying to discern my studiously pencilled characters through the blood-Red-INK.
Nah. Boring.
there is, sometimes
that hint of evolution, progress even,
when the masterpieces, red as they return, get unmistakably richer
when the 18th deck of cards flash successfully by
Shall we discuss the listening thing later ?

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