Everything is gamified

Augustine isn’t difficult to find in the social media. In fact, one would wish she didn’t make an appearance as often as she does.
But she’s hot, gamification is. She is ubiquitous, and you’ll Like her.

Rewind, April 25 2013, Namahn Belgium ( many thanks for the invitation ).
Dustin DiTommaso brings balance and insight in gamification along the lines of “Hype, Hustlers and Hope”. You’ll find presentations of him on slideshare.

Can language-learning be gamified?
Memrise thinks it can – I’m getting to the point now. Memrise uses a pretty-well-thought-out mechanism to help you remember stuff and making sure you keep remembering it. About Memrise explains it all. The passage of the fun-department is manifest: there’s points , leaderboards ( someone should point out that competing with no-lifers who continuously score 2 orders of magnitude higher than you is not motivating ), badges, the lot.
But does it work ?
Memrise is good at making you remember stuff: character to English, character to pinyin; and vice-versa. I’m afraid that’s not learning a language, that’s remembering stuff. Language learning entails much more: speaking, writing, listening, interaction. This clearly transcends ‘remembering’.

YellowBridge gives it a go as well. Its web-site features flash-cards and a simple memory game which makes you pair English and Chinese. The gamification level is mediaeval to Memrise standards, but it works. It does so because it contains the words of and is organized according to the teaching method in the class I take. It is complementary. I use it a lot to rehearse writing and character recognition, simply because an exercise fits in my breaks.

That said, the combination of two would be a very strong offer: an intelligent rehearsal method complementing the work done in class.
For now: YellowBridge, douze points.

PS. for those interested in DiTommaso’s passage at Nahman, here’s the outline and interview.


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  1. Allen Capoferri says:

    Wonderfully informative post!

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