Another year has passed

And so another year has passed. The third one already. Five yet to go before I can confidently chime in with my 8th grade fellow-student who found herself quite at ease on her trip to Beijing earlier this year. Check out the festivities at as of minute 5:51.

Looking back, it has been a rewarding year.
Our skills, compared to when ending the second, have indeed markedly improved. It’s a thought I must cling to in times of listening exercises and other despair.

There is much to look forward to in the upcoming 4th year. In the first place, more conversation. This means increased practical use of the language. Probably a dose of Chinese culture too. And, there are rumours of a trip to China.

Sadly, our group gets smaller over the years. Not only do we see fellow-students leaving, the intimacy of the class may prove insufficiently profitable to the taste of the school’s principle. This time, we were assured our seats.


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