Best regards from Oslo

According to wikipedia, last year there were 2658 Chinese in Oslo, which is 0,6%. Too small indeed for for an Oslo Chinatown. I looked, it’s not there ( admittedly not finding something is no proof of its non-existence ). In contrast, Toronto, which I visited some years ago has about 200.000 Chinese ( amounting to 10% ). Toronto Chinatown is not hard to find.

The Chinese are here though. Busloads are being poured in, confirming the cliché by pressing their noses and cameras against the windows of the bus, taking Oslo from every possible angle back home.
Tourism is big for China.
According to the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ), East Asia is – next to South-Asia – the fastest growing region in terms of number of tourists received and money spent. China ranks 3’d – next to France and the USA – as the most favourite destination.
The reverse is even more true. In 2012, Chinese spent a dazzling 102 billion USD on international tourism – a 37% leap from 2011! Making them the biggest spenders in worldwide tourism. An increase in disposable income and relaxation in foreign travel restrictions is said to be effective.
On average, Europe remains the most visited region and projections towards 2030 continue to confirm this position. Growing at about 3% a year.

Needless to say, there is tremendous opportunity for those who are able the give the Chinese tourists a warm welcome.


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