My holiday space-time-continuum has been void of all things Chinese. No character-writing, no reading-, let alone listening exercises. Even chop-sticks were kept at a distance. Thus, a certain degradation of capabilities was inevitable, and expected.

Re-entry set in 2 weeks ago when a Chinese colleague and I talked each other through lunch-time. As usual, I practised my Chinese, he practised his Dutch. I believe his space-time-continuum had been void of all things Dutch as well. We both had to dig deep to find the right words. Rusty? Sure. Degraded? Hmm, no.

The final descent was a little unnerving, so I admit that at last I set to studying some vocabulary and characters of last year. YellowBridge’s memory game made it a fairly comfortable ride. Rusty? Sure.  Still didn’t feel like degradation.

Touch-down on September 5th 18:30 CET. Increased gravity is manifest in shaky knees.
“Please tell the class how you spent your holidays”

The Eagle has landed.


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