A smart plan

Recently, I vented my frustration at not progressing in listening capabilities to my teacher.
I know she’ll do anything in her might to help us out, but this time, the reply was limited to being patient and attending the Chinese Corners. That was rather unsatisfactory – especially the patience part.

So here’s the plan: A first step in improving my listening and speaking abilities is to better master the current vocabulary.

Let’s make it SMART:
Specific: I’ll practice vocabulary of lessons 6 to 20; that’s 15 modules
Measurable: I’ll work with Yellowbridge’s flashcards and want to get a score of +90% first-time-right.
Attainable: This presents a bit of a problem, let’s postpone this until after the timing criterion
Relevant: Given that listening and speaking Chinese is relevant, the plan indeed is too. There is an assumption that mastering vocabulary will improve that, however. Let’s accept this for now.
Time-bound: This is usually the hard part. Let’s assume I’m capable of completing 3 modules a month ( that is on top of all other study material ), I should be done by the end of the year. Let’s give it another month and set the end date to end of January 2014.
Attainable: Right. Should be doable , but let’s evaluate end of November to see where this is heading. In the meantime, I’ll keep a tally on how things are going.
As to the original goal of improving listening and speaking capabilities, I’ll just monitor my frustration levels. I win whichever way I can bring that down.

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