China Business Development

Being able to speak a language is one thing. Doing something useful with it is quite another. Given that I’m getting more involved in the business side of things, studying China Business Development holds the promise of future opportunities.

China Business Development is broad post-graduate programme which highlights various angles of doing business in and with China. It features a language module, intercultural management ( given by the writer of he Wall Behind China’s Open Door: Towards Efficient Intercultural Management in China ), foreign direct investment, dispute settlement, etc…
I need to combine the programme with full-time employment, that’s why I’m selecting separate modules only. This academic year I’ll be following ‘Marketing for the Chinese Market’, ‘Export Management’ and ‘Purchasing in China’. It’s not clear whether I’ll continue the programme next year or not.
So far, it has been overwhelming. In the sense that I’m learning things I couldn’t image it existed.
Did you know that Chinese import taxes of mountain-bikes amount to 130% – unless you’re an MFN ( most favoured nation, aka WTO member ), then it’s only 13%. All these things are on a web-site, hosted by the European Union: the market access database. To give you an idea.
Studying it is quite a challenge, I have no precursor knowledge to link it to.

I expect the course will provide some groundwork for future professional work related to China. I’m sure some opportunities will pass by – surely if I give them a hand…

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