So where do we stand

I lost my cool last week. I’m attached to my cool, reluctant to losing it. But it happened, in class. More about that later.

First, back to the SMART goal I set myself. It seems I got there: on January 18th, after 141 attempts, I got a 90%+ score on vocabulary tests of lessons 6 to 22. And was able to repeat that 4 days later. Yielding an overall average of 95,4%.
Look at the graph which depicts minimum and maximum scores over time – you can even see the set-back period I talked about earlier.
And indeed, the vocabulary is now fresher in my head than it has been ever before.
But, but…
Is it also more effective for my listening skills ? Because, after all, that was the primary motivation of doing all this.
Which brings me to the cool I lost.
Needless to say, I lost it over a frustrating listening exercise that was really out of my league. ( Attentive readers by now have concluded that the answer to the question above is devastatingly negative ). This time however, I decided to bring it into the group asking “Now really, am I the only one who finds this exercise next to impossible?”. Guess what,  mayhem broke loose. Most of my fellow-students seemed to have been suffering in silence, much like I did; and all of sudden comments, more frustration and suggestions went back and forth. To the teacher’s great consternation.
But she took it well – she’s relentless, you know. She’ll be adapting ( read: lowering ) the level of listening exercises to where we hopefully stand a fighting chance.
That said, this ain’t over of course. My listening capabilities are still not where I want them to be.
I need to figure out a new exercise with a SMART target.

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