A leisurely pastime got serious

May I introduce you to my loyal companions of the last 2 weeks: computer, coffee, loud music, pencil and paper, not to forget the occasional frown, indicating concentration and every degree between astonishment and anger over yet another erratic character. Well over 300 there are, with quite a few apt for labelling ‘requires more than 1 lifetime to memorize’. I used to think of ‘memory requirements’ as an expectation you had of computers, now I know it equally applies to humans and I sure could do with an upgrade.

My family has gotten used to my preference for the alternative companionship by now. And apart from my daughter lecturing me about the damage the music is doing to my ears, they all do sympathize. Trying to feed me healthier stuff than caffeine, placing that cheerful word when I obviously need one, excusing me for much of the household chores – to that, I could get used to.

Yes, it’s June. Hot nights, poor sleep and examinations. Gravity works hard on you in June.

The dreaded listening exercise we already had last week. Despair clearly set in on some of my fellow students, not on me this time. I really think I did quite OK. One done, two to go.
Written exam this Thursday, hence the pencil and paper. Grammar and comprehensive reading too. If work – you know, that auxiliary daytime occupation – leaves me off the hook a bit this week ( I know it will not, it never does ), I can do more studying. Unlabelling a few characters for instance.
Oral exam is scheduled for next week late. I’ll need to be fresh to be able to respond to questions promptly; a powernap may work a small miracle.

Unlike past years, this exam requires quite some work. Just paying attention during the year just doesn’t cut it anymore. I believe it has dawned upon most of us that this fourth year marks the point where a leisurely pastime turned into pretty serious business.


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