5 reasons not to study for the Chinese oral exam

  1. I don’t need to study just to say ‘aaargh’
    ( oral examination, you get it? )
  2. I’ll take a powernap instead.
  3. The listening test and written exam were OK, why wouldn’t this one?
  4. Relax, it’s still a hobby, right?
  5. Go to the pub and have a beer.

I practised them all; well, except for the first maybe.
The latter requires some explaining – and doesn’t quite fit the list.

As explained in Relentless Teaching, our teacher regularly organizes a get-together with her students and native Chinese speakers. Unlike previous occasions our class was well-represented last Sunday, which allowed us to team up and practice on the save level. Teaming-up with 8th year’s students doesn’t work very well; they are too good, speak to fast. And the beer is a bonus.
T-time tonight at 7:50.

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